Wrapping & Mounting Prints

It’s a wrap!

Do you want your canvas prints ready to hang, optional to frame, or with a specific type of edge? Wrapping canvases works well for fine art reproductions that either later will be framed or left unframed, but consideration needs to come with profile depth, stapling position, and edge content, which all affect the visible end result.

The depth of the stretcher bars and consequential profile of the work is a primary consideration. Larger or long works sometimes need to be stabilized by a deeper profile bar, and profile depth should also be adjusted to specific parameters when a piece will be framed in a particular frame. We stretch on a variety of bars, with .75, 1, 1.5 and 2 inch bars the most common we carry in stock. And though there’s no set rule on profile depths, many clients will stretch canvases on deeper profiles for works that will be left unframed or want the work to have a more robust appearance.

If a work will definitely be framed, stapling on the side or back is entirely preferential, but if you aren’t sure if you’re framing it later or know you want to hang it up unframed, you should opt to have the staples set in the back.

“Content-aware” uses Photoshop editing to select elements from within the work and make the wrapped piece look like it continues over the side of the work. Mirroring the edges is a similar editing option that will use a reflection of the work onto the sides, as opposed to a continuation. Lastly, a solid color, even one selected from the spectrum within the work, can be printed to form the border edge along a Gallery wrapped work.

Though it technically isn’t a wrap, mounting is another option you have to affix your canvas print to a firm substrate that can be framed. If you aren’t quite sure wrapping works for your piece, or if you want the lowest profile of all options for framing later, mounting the canvas print on a piece of specialty foam core can also be an option for your fine art reproduction.

Not sure what’s best for your piece or presentation vision? We love working one-on-one with clients to deliver reproductions that meet their specifics.