Aerial Photography

Aerial photography of Stock Island Village Marina

Aerial photography of Stock Island Village Marina (Click image for larger version)

The most recent addition to our photographic services, and the most fun, is Aerial Photography.

We’ve worked with a number of local businesses, including Petroleum Marine, that use aerial imagery for construction planning, commercial advertising, surveying, special events, and real estate documentation.

Our first client was Stock Island Marina Village several years ago, and we’ve not only developed an extensive client base since then, but continue to document the ongoing progress at the Marina as it changes and grows.

A typical flight lasts about 30 minutes, allowing for up to approximately 150 frames.

While shooting, our photographic equipment is stabilized by a Kenyon Gyro stabilizer, which allows us to produce razor sharp images from over 500 vertical feet. By capturing high resolution images in concert with a stabilizer, we can later produce large format prints as large as three by four feet.