Capturing your art with studio-quality equipment and top-notch expertise

photo-capturing-artKey West Fine Art Photography & Printing’s commercial photography and scanning services cover a broad spectrum, utilizing both studio and location shooting.

We do several types of photography, both in the studio and on site. A major part of the photography business is art work, both two dimensional paintings and three dimensional sculpture. We use a specialized camera and lighting from Betterlight .

Two other camera formats, Nikon35mm and Hasselblad 4cmx6cm, are used for product, food, jewelry etc. These images can be used for publication or downsized for webwork. We have recently added aerial photography to our list of services.

Our Stock Island studio is equipped with:

  • two lighting systems, including the Northlight system for photographing art work
  • three camera formats
  • a flat bed graphic arts scanner
  • and an Imacon film scanner

We are capable of working on projects ranging from simple web photography to complex product setups.

We are experts in photographing both flat and three dimensional artwork for both publication and reproduction.

Recently, we have added aerial photography to our list of services.

Learn about pricing here or contact us to discuss your project .

Project of the Year

Fort Jefferson Museum

Fort Jefferson Museum

The new Fort Jefferson Museum is housed in the historic Thompson Fish House in the Key West Bight, departure point for the Dry Tortugas Ferry that serves Fort Jefferson daily. The centerpiece of the museum is a model of Fort Jefferson built by David Harrison Wright. Two years in the making, historically accurate, and built…